About Will Dispute

The Will Register was founded on the primary principle of preventing disputes arising over estates following a bereavement. Having handled hundreds of cases over the years, the team behind The Will Register understands how distressing and costly resolution can be.

Will dispute can arise in the administration of estates and trusts. ​Bereavement can be confusing, complicated and costly from a legal and personal perspective. ​The best way to prevent a dispute arising is to firstly ensure your will is managed by a suitably qualified solicitor.

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The circumstances which lead to a will being challenged by a beneficiary or individua​l who believes that they have been left out of an inheritance can be prevented by ensuring due diligence is completed in the will-making process.

The Will Register is one step of due diligence that should be considered in the will-making process. If you need assistance with a will or probate dispute, you can contact any of our member solicitors in your area.

Our member solicitors are carefully vetted and meet all of the criteria required to practice law in Ireland.