The Will Register makes it quick and easy to identify the existence and location of a registered members will.

Searching for a deceased person’s important documents upon their bereavement can be time-consuming, costly and distressing, particularly if you are grieving the loss of a loved one.It is common for many important documents to be stored in multiple locations, particularly in the event of an untimely death.

Every month, ​Farrell McElwee ​solicitors receive hundreds of distressed calls from trustees who are unsure where the will of a recently deceased person is.

The Will Register helps you in a time of distress to quickly and seamlessly identify the location and existence of what is the most important document an individual can make.The Will Register helps you locate a missing will by:

  • A missing will is searchable by the name and birth-date of the individual who made the will.
  • Confirming a will exists.
  • Provides you with the location of where the will is held.
  • Registered wills date back to [insert]

Give your family peace of mind knowing the will contents and location remains private, secure and protected as well as accessible when needed and ​register your will ​today.

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