It is not a legal requirement to register the location or existence of a will in Ireland.With over 20 years of legal experience, our team has responded to thousands of calls from distraught family members who are unsure where and with whom their loved ones will is located.

The Will Register records the existence and location of your will on a trusted and secure database which is managed by a dedicated administration team in ​Farrell McElwee ​Solicitors.

Privacy and discretion are at the core of our responsibilities to those registering and searching for wills. The details of the will are never disclosed and The Will Register does not need to see a copy.

The testator can register the will on their own accord or request the solicitor register it on their behalf.
Registering your will with The Will Register guarantees it can be found quickly and easily by conducting a ​Will Search​.

Registration will ensure that beneficiaries and executors are aware that you have written a will and knowledge of where it is located. The Will Register simply lists the location of the will be it with a solicitor, financial institution or other trustee. The Will Register gives you and your family peace of mind. The existence of a will and its location remains private and protected but easily accessible when needed.

Once registered, you will receive a certificate of registration that can be stored with other important documents.

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